Emily's Butterfly Bouquet
Emily's Butterfly Bouquet
Emily's Butterfly Bouquet
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Mom's Choice Award Recipient
Mom's Choice Award Recipient

A story about a little girl whose beautiful flower garden is damaged by raindrops...but her friends - a group of butterflies- help save the day in a very heartwarming story about love and improvisation.

Emily has worked very hard planting and tending to her garden, which is destroyed by heavy rainfall. Fortunately, a group of grateful butterflies bring a smile back to her face in a heartwarming, imaginative way.

Emily's Butterfly Bouquet is a kind and gentle children's picture book with black and white illustrations that can be personalized by coloring.

Signed Edition
Collector's Edition
For those of you who have never seen one...  there is probably nothing more beautiful than a butterfly bouquet, unless it is a smile on the face of a child.
Butterfly Smile
7 ½ x 9 ¼'' soft-bound
16 black and white professional illustrations
36 pages (large print)
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